Visiting Sabaneta Lake

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So this San Juan de La Maguana suprises me. They even have here free internet center/ cafe - founded by city's council. Inside ? Lots of young people studying hard 😉
Hah ! They even have here basket cases like in Europe - big conteners. Comparing to the other dominican cities it looks like quite developed one...Amazing.
Later I meet some guy who tells me that he studies English here - and guess what ? His course is also gratis and is founded by city council. Really nice.

Day later

Today I am going to see Sabaneta Lake. It's located just by the town - Sabaneta, which is around 20 km from San Juan de La Maguana. Good map of Dominican Republic, some guide ;-))) and you may explore this beautiful country without any problems. BTW. - as for the map. I have some map from maybe 2010. And since they actually construct so many roads here (I may say many bad things about country's government, but one thing they do for sure - and that's building of new roads), the map very often seems to be outdated, showing only the "old" roads.

the road San Juan - Sabaneta

On the road to Sabaneta. From San Juan de La Maguana

So the road to Sabaneta from San Juan de La Maguana is of so-so quality. It started good, but after few kilometres I encounter so many potholes that I have to drive here really slow and careful. Nothing SO BAD anyway - driveable, but with caution....Around the road ? Amazing landscape and beautiful views - cows, horses and goats on the fields..In the background - mountains. Green everywhere, green all around me 😉 Lot of grass on the fields.So I wondered before how the heck city council has money to actually provide for the people free internet center, free english courses and so on - and now I know - it's from the farming and agriculture. Once again - where are the mountains in Dominican Republic - there is developed agriculture....They even have a tractors ! Heh. All new and working, just like in Europe....

Sabaneta lake, Dominican RepublicSabaneta Lake

And the Sabaneta Lake. There is a [ more...]

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