Food in Dominican Republic

What to eat in Dominican Republic / dominican food

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Let's be blunt guys. Dominican food isnt in the world's top 10 of food. Not even in the top 50 or top 80. The dominican food, that [ more...]

I'm from Europe. So we have do excellent cheese, pan, sausages,ham,salami, cakes,beer,wine and sweets at usually good or even great prices. Especially in my country, where they are excellent - AND CHEAP. And how about the dominican cheese ? I wouldnt use it even for the toasts...What is the dominican sausage/ham ? Maybe it is good for dog, but not for people....And so on, so on.

However, situation with food in Dominican Republic is NOT THAT BAD.  For the dinner you may always [ more...]


 Ice cream Bon in Dominican Republic - excellent, tasty and cheap !

If you stay in tourist place/ "ghetto" your eating options are much more wider. You may go to any Italian restaurant and enjoy real italian pizza or pasta for [ more...]

cookies dominican republic 

Bakery/ cafe in Moca, Dominican Republic. One of the few that actually had cakes worth eating.

So, like I said, the dominican food isnt the best, but after some time you will find your products that you will like. My favorite are: [ more...]

So it's not like that there is nothing to eat here - but comparing basic, cheap restaurants in, lets say Thailand, Malaysia, Morocco and Dominican Republic - those from Dominican Republic are the worst. I would compare dominican food with basic/ average indonesian - the same country as "wild and crazy" as Dominican Republic and also with (usually) terrible food.However, as in everywhere - if you are eager to pay for food the same prices like in Europe - usually you will eat something good in DR.