D-F: Dog, Domino, Duarte, Education, el Tigre, Emigration, English , Europe, Fun

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Dog –animal, in Dominican Republic it usually exist in the form of : stray dog. Some of the stray dogs [...read more...]

dominican republi stray dogsIn sunny Dominican Republic even the stray dogs are happy and they smile 😉

The amount of stray dogs in Dominican Republic says something about [...read more...]

  Domino is a most popular game in the - DOMINican Republic. Every afternoon you can see guys playing it with passion. This simple game conquered hearts and minds of the - DOMINIcan people....

playing domino in dominican republicThree Dominicans playing domino. Guess who in this picture won 😉

DuarteJuan Pablo Duarte - the hero of the dominican war with Haiti from the XIX century. Someone like George Washington in US or Admiral Nelson for England. Guy well [...read more...]

 Education - judging by modern world's standards , and especially - by European standards - most of the Dominicans are not educated at all. And if they are - you wouldn't call it education. Of course, there is [...read more, 80 % of content inside...]

dominican republic schoolSchool for kids in Dominican Republic

The standard  of the dominican education system is really low ; many experts say about the lack of any creativity, memorizing instead of learning... but you can actually say that about any education system in most of the world's countries. The real problem here in Dominican Republic is that [...read more, 80 % of content inside...]

When I was dealing with Dominican people I could spot one thing - something that I would call total impossibility to [...read more...]

El tigre - which in Spanish means - the tiger. Usually when the Dominicans say about someone that he is a tiger - it doesnt mean that he is in orange color and big like tiger. What they mean is [...read more, 80 % of content inside...]

Emigration - that's what most of the Dominicans think and dream about. If they only had such easy possibility to do it, like people in Europe have...Salaries of average Dominican are so low (with prices of food very often similiar to these in US or Europe) that there is no better solution than to emigrate....

dominican fishermenThese guys are just normal fishermen and sail to look for the fresh fish, not better life in Puerto Rico. Nagua, Dominican Republic

I remember one scene from the Spanish movie : "Princesas", where one of the ladies in that movie was actually from Dominican Republic. When asked - in that movie - if there are many acrobats in Dominican Republic, she replies: "this the country full of acrobats, we are all like them". So everyone in Dominican Republic is balancing on the thin ice or line, fighting with unpaid bills, expensive food, low salaries and high prices. While not everyone succeeds in it - most of them live like that day by day....

English –in theory English is used these days as modern esperanto, in many places in the world. Not in Dominican Republic though. I would say that maybe [...read more, 80 % of content inside...]

Europe – just another destination of the Dominicans to go in search for the work. They emigrate there, but usually much, much less than to US. Most of the Dominicans that [...read more...]

 Fun - Dominicans are "like girls" - and all they just want is to have fun. You may see that everyday's afternoon - on every street corner people sitting in front of the colmados, relaxing with beers, talking, dancing....Most of Dominicans dont seem to care about future that much - today's fun is the most important thing...

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