In Nagua – typical dominican town

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So I'm leaving today Maimon, charming town somewhere in the middle - of nowhere in Dominican Republic. And I'm going to Nagua. With the map road shouldnt be that difficult; unfortunately I got lost around 50 km after Maimon, and instead of going to Nagua, I went to San Francisco de Macoris...Fortunately, just in San Francisco, it is still just 3 pm. So if I will go fast on my 110 cc demon- bike ;-), I should be in Nagua still before dark. There is still a chance...Thank god that the road from San Francisco de Macoris to Nagua is in good condition and I can easily ride here 80-90 km/h. Somewhere in Castillo, few dozen kilometres before Nagua the rain catches me. Another stop. Just to wait until it will stop raining....

beaches in Nagua, Dominican RepublicCoast in Nagua, Dominican Republic

I'm in Nagua finally around 5 pm. I see some beaches - after all, it is coastal town, surrounded by them - but its dirty. Really dirty, polluted with trash. Ah these Dominicans. They for sure know how to take care of their country. Anyway. I am looking for some cheap hotel. And I did find it - for 400 pesos. OK. Will stay here for few days.

The next day - still in Nagua.

And the day in Nagua is slowly fading away. After "getting things done" - like some small motorbike repair, oiling the chain and so on , I finally go to the beach.
The closest to Nagua beach - Poza de Bojola is unfortunately very polluted with trash. What is nice here though is [ more...]

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