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General atmosphere / feeling of the place

Duverge is located near Enriquillo Lake (dont confuse it with other Enriquillo though - small town in Barahona province), biggest lake in Dominican Republic. Lago Enriquillo is located under the sea level and its waters are not suitable (at all) for swimming - they are beloved though by aligators and other reptiles...
I spend 2 days in Duverge and I didnt like this place that much. I was [...read more...]

Duverge dominican Republic

Duverge and Lake Enriquillo - pure prehistory 😉

CHEAP hotels in Duverge - where to sleep

Despite my review of the place, if you still want to visit it, there are few cheap sleeping options in there.
1. Hotel [...read more...]

2. The other cheap hotel; I dont remember its name. Its located [...read more...]

Things worth to see/ do in Duverge

The only "attraction" of Duverge is [...read more...]

lake enriquillo duverge dominican republic

Lago Enriquillo , Dominican Republic. Somewhere over there - the aligators do live.

Getting into Duverge / Roads Info

I drove here from Barahona. The road, as for April 2013 was totally OK, which is probably like that on its whole length - until Jimani and border with Haiti.

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