Short trip to Las Galeras and other impressions from Black Carribean

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Today I will make some excursion to Las Galeras - from Las Terrenas, where I currently live. I like this place but its always good to discover something new. And believe me or not - even living in paradise - like Las Terrenas-  will make you bored after some time and there is always need for some "refreshment".
So I go. Unfortunately I woke up late (as usual here..why ? because of the heat ? who knows..I always sleep with the fan turned on..) and I leave around 11 am. On the road from Las Terrenas to Las Galeras I see beautiful views - cliff rocks, high coast, waves crashing on the coastal rocks...Just beautiful.
And Las Galeras ? Very chilled out place. Here ends the road no 5 that connects Samana Penisula with the rest of the country. It ends literally - at some point it just "connects" with beach and ocean.
Few bars, restaurants and hotels in Las Galeras - and it all seems to be even more relaxed and chilled out than usually it is in Dominican Republic. So thats the ideal place if you want to slow down a little. Well, there are dozens of places like that in Dominican Republic - but this is famous and has decent tourist infrastructure, like restaurants and bars.

Las Galeras, Dominican RepublicBeach in Las Galeras, Dominican Republic

So in the late afternoon I am back in Las Terrenas. I met some girl from Haiti. She is around 25 years old and she doesnt know how to write and read - so she is analfabet person. I meet such person for the first time in my life...She doesnt even know the basics of mathematic, so she is total analfabet. Anyway - she doesnt look like she would be concerned by these facts. She just lives. Her husband died in earthquake in Haiti in 2010. Since few months she is in Las Terrenas, to earn some money to support her kid who lives in Haiti. In what way she tries to earn money ? Every possible, prostitution included...

Samana - Las Galeras roadPicturesque road between Samana - Las Galeras. One of the most beautiful in the whole DR

I visit her first day in her house. I dont expect and need any sexual services from her - I just want to talk. She pays for the room in Las Terrenas 4,000 pesos/ month, which is actually almost the same that I pay fo my room. There is big difference in quality though - while my room is decent, has a lot of privacy and its quiet - her room lacks all of it. The walls in her building are so thin that you can hear everything that your neighbour does in his room. Total disaster. I wouldnt pay for this place even 2,500 pesos/ month, yet, she pays 4,000 p...And they say that she is poorer than me...

Samana - Las Galeras roadFootball anyone ? 😉 Somewhere between Las Galeras and Samana

The girl has in her room collection of teddy bears. On one of its written - 1989. I wonder if that's actually year of her birth...So heartbraking actuallly....

Lot of children. Always lot of children here in Dominican Republic and Haiti.Even if someone barely has money to provide for himself - he will always have at least two kids. And later he is surprised why he and his family is poor....So that's the way how most of the people here live - they have many children, just like their parents had. And they will also have no money to provide for their children and they will not give them good education. And their children will also...And that's how the circle of poverty spins...From generation to generation.

The people here in Dominican Republic usually have so many brothers and sisters, from so many fathers and mothers - that finally it appears that everyone is connected somehow with everyone in this country. Like in one big family...

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