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General atmosphere/ feeling of the place

Paraiso (what a beautiful name ! Means "paradise" in spanish) is located in southwestern Dominican republic, around 15 km north of Enriquillo, on the road no 44. Paraiso is just what it name says - like paradise. It is a little bigger than other beautiful town from the region - Enriquillo; and it also has amazing beaches with crystal clear water. However, it suffers from the same issue like nearest towns - [ more...]
Paraiso is located just few kms from other nice town - Los Patos, where you can enjoy swimming in nice cold water in the local swimming pool made from the river.

I was visiting Paraiso quite frequently because of the surprising fact - exactly here, in some deep dominican interior, in this small town that [ the full article here...]

Paraiso Dominican Republic

"Suburbs" of the Paraiso - around 3 km before the town. Isnt the name "Paraiso" really accurate ? 😉

"I would like to stay here for longer time, here or in Enriquillo" - it was what I was thinking when I came to this beautiful and charming area. I chose to live in Enriquillo though. Why ? Because in Paraiso [ the full article here...]

CHEAP hotels in Paraiso / Where to sleep

I came to Paraiso in the late afternoon hours, so I didnt have a lot of time to search profoundly for some cheap hotels. I found something however - but later it appeared that it was totally occupied by some dominican workers (so - it was really cheap, like in 300 pesos/ night range).
The other hotel, that I found costed 2000 pesos for 3 days , so it was a little too much for me.
Hotels in the Paraiso:
1. Cheapest one, [ the full article here...]
2. [ the full article here...]
3. Hotel [ the full article here...]
4. Hotel [ the full article here...]

Of course, like in whole Dominican Republic - you may also rent a [ more...]

Things worth to see/ do in Paraiso / Best of Paraiso

Amazing beaches. Beautiful landscape, with the picturesque beaches on the one side, and mountains in the background. Cheapness. Internet cafe with the fastest net access in the whole DR (probably). Proximity of Los Patos (and its swimming pool). General, amazing, laid back atmosphere, total chill out. What could you need more 😉 ?

Getting into Paraiso/ Roads Info

enriquillo paraiso dominican republic

Road no 44 Enriquillo - Paraiso. Just amazing !

Paraiso is located on the road 44, that leads from Barahona to Pedernales. It is REALLY picturesque road, definetely in the top 3 of the roads in the whole Dominican Republic. It is also a road of good quality, which makes it amazing drive !

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