San Jose de Ocoa

San Jose de Ocoa

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General atmosphere / feeling of the place

San Jose de Ocoa is located in the south of Dominican Republic. To get there, you have to drive through some really bad roads - that better one leads there from the south (Bani).

From my diary:
"So I'm in San Jose de Ocoa. On the road from Cruce de Ocoa to San Jose de Ocoa warning signs every few hundreds meters: "slow down, road under construction", "slowdown" etc. Few years ago the hurricane Noel totally flushed away this road...As for the moment (2013) it's not that bad..until you reach the 7th km before the city. From there there is a lot of mud, which gets really dangerous during rainy season and actually - during every raining week. I saw myself as the good jeep got stucked there in the mud...
Ok, but how about San Jose de Ocoa city ? At the first sight [ more...]"

san jose de ocoa dominican republic

Dominican Republic, San Jose de Ocoa. Mountains, mountains and the roads - not so easily driveable...

CHEAP hotels in San Jose de Ocoa / where to sleep

There are few cheap hotels in San Jose de Ocoa, but not all of them are suitable for the tourist. Not even for me - the guy that doesnt demand so much. Why ? Because [ the full article here...]
I found however two good hotels in San Jose de Ocoa. Too bad that I remember the name of the one of them...
1. Hotel [ more...]

hotel Baco San Jose de Ocoa
Hotel Baco, San Jose de Ocoa. Good quality for the good price.

Things worth to see / do in San Jose de Ocoa

So I came to San Jose de Ocoa with one thing in my mind - to use it as good base for exploring local mountains, and enjoy the mountainous views and atmosphere. Well, the reality changed my plans a little...Why ? [ the full article here...]

san jose de ocoa dominican republic

The mountains around San Jose de Ocoa

From my diary:

[ the full article here...]

So If you really want to enjoy San Jose de Ocoa, you have [ more...]

Getting into San Jose de Ocoa/ Roads Info

There are 3 roads leading to San Jose de Ocoa and all of them are in bad condition 😉 The best from them leads from Cruce de Ocoa (Bani, Azua) to the city. Why is it in better quality than the others two ? Because it has only 15 km ...of usually not so good road. But that length it's more easier to drive, than, lets say, 50 km on the potholes.

san jose de ocoa dominican republic

The road Cruce de ocoa - San Jose de ocoa...Be warned 😉

The other two roads ? The road San Jose de ocoa - Constanza is probably [ more...]

And the last road leading to San Jose de Ocoa from Piedra Blanca - is also in bad condition. It took me 3 hours on my 110 cc bike to drive road's 50 km...And that says something for itself.

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