Dominican Republic – some reflections

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So I look back to the days when I've been thinking about coming to Dominican Republic. I got my goals, expectations and plans. And now I laugh from them - as dominican reality crashed them all. So the cultural difference between here and Europe - even Spain - are huge. And to expect life in similar surroundings, with similar people like in Europe - here in DR - was craziness. So I expected that I will talk with the people here on the "same levels" as I was doing it in Europe. With people who know basic of mathematics or geography...Know abstract thinking and dig philosophy - guess what - I havent found anyone like that here in DR.
I also didnt found here girlfriend, with whom I could have here "quiet life, somewhere in the village, with no money pressure (just the basics) and with whom I could talk and laugh". Well - to have such girlfriend here I would probably need to "import" her from Europe, as the girls here in Dominican Republic are totally different. They are like whole population - they want more & more, dont appreciate what they have and they go crazy when they see newest mobile phone model. Well, most of them. Like 95 % ? This is America, not Asia....

big truck in dominican fepublic

Big truck in small country. Somewhere near Enriquillo, Dominican Republic

I went today to the "swimming pool". Just to relax a little in cold water. In the last days it is real heat here - 10 am and it's already hot as hell (as usually it is around 1 pm...) At the entrance to the swimming pool - 30 meters before it, I see some dominican guy with his friends. like he said. Guy is dirty and looks like drug addict. He tries to tell me where exactly should I park my motorbike - I see only empty spaces and I park it wherever. Guy seems to be surprised that I havent listened to him.
Now he asks me for "entrance fee of 25 pesos", which is total bullshit and nonsense here, as this place is totally free. So I tell him that I wont pay anything as its free swimming pool for everybody. Guy is surprised once again and doesnt know what to do. Finally I gave him 10 pesos, just to get rid of him.

Afer swimming, when I am ready to leave some other guy approaches me. But this guy looks [ more...]

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