Las Terrenas

Las Terrenas

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General atmosphere/ feeling of the place

Las Terrenas is a village located in Samana Penisula that with time growed to the size of small city. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dominican Republic; well deserved. You have beaches here with ocean so [ more...]

At the first sight Las Terrenas seem to be more expensive than the rest of the country, but later, with time, when you will find your own places here, you'll discover that it's really not 100 % true.

beaches in Las Terrenas

Beach in Las Terrenas - Playa Bonita. The beaches in LT are probably the best in whole country - the ocean is so calm here that you may swim here like in the swimming pool...

There are many Europeans who live in Las Terrenas - mostly from France and Italy. You can see their influence on the city very easily - there are lot of [ more...]

Las Terrenas is a great base to explore Samana Penisula (well, at least its western part) and good place to enjoy the beach... Being a popular tourist destination, Las Terrenas' streets are always busy. There are two big [ more...]

CHEAP hotels in Las Terrenas / where to sleep

At the first sight, there seem to be no cheap hotels in Las Terrenas. And that was what I was thinking when I came here for the first time...Luckily, few hours of searching were enough to find me some really cheap place in Las Terrenas - for 4500 pesos/ month, which was a little more than 100 usd/ month. Great, right ?

If you plan to stay in Las Terrenas for more than 2-3 weeks, the best option is to [ more...]

1. Hotel [ more...]

2. Hotel [ more...]

3. Hotel [ more...]

4. Hotel [ more...]

There is also a lot of rooms, houses and flats to rent, like I said before. You shouldnt have any problems with finding something decent starting from [ more...] and [ more...] for the apartment.

Things worth to see/ do in Las Terrenas/ Best of Las Terrenas

Beaches - Playa Bonita and Portillo. Especially Playa Bonita is just beautiful - like its name says. Swim there in the quiet ocean and enjoy crystal clear water and beach...

las terrenas playa bonita

Playa Bonita in Las Terrenas - once again. My daily life for over 3 months....

You may also explore from Las Terrenas whole Samana Penisula. You have a mountains, beaches- everything that you want. Sample nice trip - to [ more...]

The food - finally something good to eat ! Real [ more...]

Getting into Las Terrenas / Roads Info

The road that goes to Samana Penisula from Nagua is newly built and just in really good condition. Going to Las Terrenas from Nagua, you have two options: take the toll road or road through Sanchez city. That [ more...]

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