Lakes of Dominican Republic:

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Yes, Dominican Republic has also lakes. However, I visited only few of them - Lago Enriquillo (biggest lake in Dominican Republic), Presa de Hatillo (near Maimon..beautiful), Laguna de Oviedo (another salty and under sea level lake), Laguna de Rincon, presa de Bao (near Sabana Iglesia, Santiago area) and presa de Sabaneta (in the town of the same name), but in the Dominican Republic there are around 15 of them. Its really dificult to get to many of them - roads are noexistent or in really bad shape.

a) presa de Hatillo (by Maimon town) - definitely the most interesting and most beautiful lake in Dominican Republic. Well, it was like that until [... read more, 60 % of content inside...]

presa de hatillo, dominican republicCharm of the interior of the countryside of DR.... Presa de Hatillo, Maimon.

 b) presa de Sabaneta (by the Sabaneta town, near San Juan de La Maguana) – really nice and quiet dominican town located in the mountains. In the bar just by the lake you can eat fresh fish... The road leading to this lake and Sabaneta town passes through really picturesque areas - fields surrounded by mountains.

Sabaneta LakePresa de Sabaneta - by the town of the same name. San Juan de La Maguana area

c) Lago Enriquillo (east of the country - near the border with Haiti, near dominican town Duverge) -it didnt convince me that much. The water [... read more, 80 % of content inside...]

lago enriquilloLago Enriquillo, biggest lake in DR. Its salty and below sea level. Prehistoric atmosphere and smelly water. Near Duverge

d) presa de Bao (by the town Sabana Iglesia, near Santiago de los Caballeros) –generally speaking it is    [... read more, 60 % of content inside...]

Presa de bao, Sabana Iglesia, DRPresa de Bao

e) Laguna de Oviedo (near Enriquillo town and by Oviedo, south west of DR, Barahona province) –lake located below sea level with salty water with really "intensive" [... read more, 70 % of content inside...]

Oviedo, Dominican RepublicSalty Oviedo Lake. The home for 100's (or 1000's ? ) of iguanas.

f) Laguna de Rincon (near Barahona) – nothing special. Kind of similar "prehistoric" atmosphere, just like with Lago Enriquillo in Duverge. Troublesome road leading to the lake.

 So as you can see, Dominican Republic is a really diverse country. People who come here and stay just in one tourist ghetto - like Sosua, Punta Cana or Boca Chica and not explore it anyhow - dont know what they lose. This country is ideal for intensive travelling - on such small area, you have access to ocean, sea, lakes, mountains, steppes, and even the desert....So enjoy it !

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