Los Patos

Los Patos

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Los Patos is a charming and picturesque village located on Barahona coast, between Enriquillo and Paraiso (5 km from that small town). The main attraction of Los Patos is [...read more...]
In Los Patos there are also beautiful beaches (like actually in whole Barahona region), but be very careful when swimming there - the coast here is very stormy and the sea itself - dangerous. I remember one time when I had troubles with walking out of the sea - the coast was so high and the waves were just BIG.

los patos dominican republic

Los Patos - it's really a great pleasure to be inside this swimming pool during hot days. No wonder why so many local share this idea and swimming pool is often crowded (especially for the weekends).

In Los Patos there is also a great cafeteria located just near the main road. There is a great view from its terrace and the milkshakes, juices and all this nice stuff 😉 - are very cheap, like for 30-50 pesos.

Los patos , dominican republic

Cafeteria in Los Patos. Milkshakes for 1 usd and SUCH views ? wHY NOT 😉

There are few hotels in Los Patos, but [...read more...]

swimming pool in los patos, dominican republic

 The swimming pool in Los Patos - is this a Paradise ? No, actually real Paradise (Paraiso) is located 5 km from Los Patos. These are only its suburbs 😉

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