End of school in Santiago / begin of travelling in Dominican Republic

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Today I had farewell party in my spanish school in Santiago. So it's already almost 1,5 month since I started learning Spanish there. In the next week - 3 final exams.
Will I pass them 😉 ? Last 2 weeks were incredibly intensive - we learned 8 (!) Spanish tenses - it all confuses my mind. Anyway, after school - its time to practice spanish in this country...

So I got almost tears in my eyes when our professors were saying goodbye to us today. I got along with all of them very well...Now its time to start something new - travelling in Dominican Republic. Outside of all inclusive resorts, on my own motorbike to discover "true" Dominican Republic.

Did i say on my own motorbike ? Now I just need to buy it.

Few days later

So I bought my bike ! 110 cc, Kymco Visa. 10,000 km of mileage, and the bike costed me around 30,000 pesos in total. Good deal, I think. I had to pay also for the insurance and registration of the bike's papers in my name (as it appeared later - it was unnecessary). Still - total cost of the bike was 2-3 times less than in Europe.

I already heard all these stories how dangerous this country is. That I need to be really careful to not get robbed or -even worse - murdered. Let's see if its true...Or if its all exaggerated.

Moca, Dominican RepublicMoca, Dominican Republic. I bought my motorbike in this town and later I enjoyed my time with cakes from this nice bakery 😉

And I wont even recall all those warning that gave me R., the lady with whom I was living in Santiago while I had school of spanish there. I literally saw fear in her eyes when I told her what is my plan - to travel around whole country, alone, on my bike. But lets forget about R. and her warnings. Some women are just like that - especially if they are in their 60s - like R. is.

In my opinion - if you dont do stupid things and dont behave like idiot - nothing wrong will happen to you. I will see for myself if its true. Of course - I will never drive during the night and after dark. Not in the unknown places and not for long distances. Here its the thing to avoid - for various reasons. Potholes and cows/ goats tresspassing the roads are one of these reasons, too...

this is how I travelled in this countryMy bike - in action 🙂

So - I have my motorbike already, which I bought in Moca, around 30 km from Santiago where I was living. So its time to start my dominican trip ! To discover a country and have fun !

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