In Santo Domingo – first days in Dominican Republic

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Santo Domingo. Dominican Republic that is hard to understand and describe. Mix of Black Africa, old Spain and America. Women. Oh God. Like fire, volcanos. Wilderness. Blood, rum, craziness, fire, ash, desire.... Desire until doom and lost of control. Exotic ones, black ones, Mulattas, Almost- White ones,with black hair, brown or dark's easy to fall in fatal attraction, very easy. I have to be careful...
Santo Domingo and its music. Music with african ritme, with african drums.

I have few meetings today. I wander around near the strict center of Santo Domingo. I am buying some prepaid card to my new dominican phone. Girls from the mobile shop agency they all look kind of sad. Despite their smiles. Anyway, I'm happy that I actually can talk with someone who doesnt want anything from me (well, until now - edited 😛 ). Just talk. And that makes my heart happy. Clash of the skin colors. But we still talk.

The other situation - in the bar (cafeteria), during paying the bill, I'm suprised by the price (high, judging by South Asian standards...I spent some time over there few years ago). And that's how I met local girl. She is around 35 (BUT looks like 40ty something Euro-lady... dominican genes and lifestyle) and she lives in Spain. She shows me some room for rent in the flat that she owns. Strict center of Santo Domingo. Strict center of the capital of DR. How much ? 4,000 pesos. Less than 100 USD. Ok, show it to me.... God damn, it looks nasty ! Smell of the mold and humidity and you want 100 USD for that ?... OK, so lets forget about it. Anyway, the chick is really beautiful. Joy, happiness, wine, sweet, life.

I am walking in Santo Domingo, near Zona Colonial and Malecon. Tout/ hustler finds me. He is not so offensive and not so agresive. Compared to the touts and "guides" in India, Egypt or Morocco - this guy is actually quite OK. We spend 2 hours together. We go together to trash-polluted public beach in Santo Domingo.
It's middle of the day. There is also homeless guy from Haiti here, trying to catch fish in the sea... I'm telling the tout that I actually look here for the language school to learn Spanish. Guy tells me that he actually knows someone who can be a good teacher for me. Ok, so we go to meet "spanish teacher". We come to the place.

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