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City located high in the dominican mountains in Cibao region, not that far away from Jarabacoa and San Jose de Ocoa (to San Jose is actually quite far due to terrible road...but on the map it looks like a short distance 😉 ).

As Constanza is located high in the mountains, there is always a little cooler here than in the dominican lowlands...Local people say that Constanza is "cold" place - I would say that the weather there is not cold...It's just refreshing.

Around Constanza you may spot a lot of fields with vegetables and cereales. What is interesting here is that Trujilo, dominican dictator from XX century [ more...]

Constanza Dominican Republic

Constanza - here is always a little cooler. But just a little

I stayed in Constanza only for few hours that's why I wasnt looking here for cheap hotels. I'm pretty sure though that there are like maybe 2-3 CHEAP (10 bucks room/night) hotels, as almost everywhere in DR. Just ask the mototaxi guys.

constanza Dominican Republic

Fields around Constanza

There are two roads leading to Constanza - one from Jarabacoa and the other one - from San Jose de Ocoa. I can recommend the first one and [ more...]

dominican dessert

Strange dominican dessert (these Dominicans sometimes have kind of strange sense of taste [and sometimes they seem to completely lack it], trust me) that I bought in Constanza- it is sweet beans with biscuits. Tasty, but really filling dessert 😉

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