REALLY CHEAP Hotels in Dominican Republic

REALLY CHEAP hotels in Dominican Republic - low/tiny budget travellers info

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During my over one year stay in Dominican Republic I stayed/ sleeped in dozen of cheap hotels in whole country area. And these hotels never costed me more than 400-450 pesos per night for double room (well, it was just additional space in the I always travel alone), which is - not more than 10 usd for DOUBLE ROOM. It kind of draws really good picture how many of the cheap hotels are in Dominican Republic. In other words - they are everywhere. If you have problem with finding cheap hotel in some place - just drive 20 km and you will find something. For example, in typical dominican city that has 50-80 K habitants [ more...]

Of course, there are areas in Dominican Republic where hotels are usually more expensive, and these are: Punta Cana and Bavaro area (not worth the money , in my humble opinion), Santo Domingo and its Zona Colonial (of course you can find cheap hotels/pensions elsewhere in Santo Domingo, but usually these areas are not 100 % safe - as Santo Domingo is most dangerous place in whole Dominican Republic in my opinion) and some other "tourist ghettos", like Sosua, Cabarete, Boca Chica, Las Terrenas. However ! I did stay in Sosua and I did found cheap hotel over there - for 10 bucks/ night, and I did stay in Las Terrenas and I found cheap room over there (100 usd for whole month, in decent standard). So... Usually you have to look and look for such cheap places...But with my blog look no further as they are all described here 😉

My info on the hotels in Dominican Republic is based on my travel in the country. Like I said before in this blog, I made over 10,000 kilometres on my motorbike in Dominican Republic and therefore [ more, 80 % of content inside...]

cheap hotel in dominican republicTypical cheap hotel in Dominican Republic. Here - for 300 pesos/ night, Enriquillo, Barahona province.

So how could I describe these cheap hotels, what standard do they have ? Well, usually it is nothing fancy - just safe and quiet place without insects and other unexpected guests 😉 What is inside room ? Bed, wardrobe, window (this one is usually constructed that way that sun never operates mercilessly inside the room, which is a good thing), fan (trust me, YOU WILL NEED IT) and bathroom. Sometimes such hotel is equipped with kitchen, whis could be a good thing if you want to cook something for yourself (sometimes it's nice to do so)

las terrenas dominican republic cheap hotelLas Terrenas - cheap room for rent. One month for 4500 pesos, which means - around 150 pesos/ day. Which is, - 4 usd/ day !

I wrote already about REALLY CHEAP hotels in DR, but lets not forget that in Dominican Republic, of course do exist better and more expensive hotels.

rio san juan dominican hotel

Typical cheap hotel in Dominican Republic - view from outside. There are hundreds of cheap hotels like this one in Dominican Republic.

I am writing this info on dominican republic hotels as individual, male tourist, who doesnt need luxuries for his place of sleep. Just some QUIET (and believe me , it is not easy to find quiet place in this country heheh), safe and clean place. But how about people who need more ? Well, [ more, 70 % of content inside...]

 not so good hotel in Dominican RepublicAnd here we have - actually not so good hotel, for 350 pesos. Jarabacoa

Of course, in Dominican Republic do exist totally different group of hotels for the people who chose totally different style of their holiday - all inclusive. if you will book such trip in advance, you will not have to worry about ANYTHING - guide, transport, finding hotel, knowing spanish etc. etc. The only thing that you may worry about is (well, if you want to) that most of the profits from your excursion will not land in dominican's hands, but usually in the foreign hotel company's hands - from Spain, Italy, France or US. Booking all inclusive holidays in DR is a good option for the people who in their "normal" lifes are so busy with their work that they dont have a time to do anything more than relaxing in the hotel pool in some nice tropical country (like DR is). It is not my type of travelling (if you even name it as "travelling"...usually you dont discover anything, like during real travelling you do), but I do understand people who book such holidays. No hassle, no worries, (and because of that - no fun for me, heheh). In this article I wrote a lot about dominican hotels and how to find them. Like I said above, there is [ more, 60 % of content inside...]

cheap hotel in Monte Cristi Dominican RepublicInside cheap hotel in Monte Cristi in Dominican Republic. Many doors to the rooms, and many possibilities to integrate /blend with local people (as mostly local people stayed in this hotel). Of course - the possibility to stay calm without nobody's presence - also DOES EXIST. Just enter your room and close the door from inside 😉

Looking for cheap hotel listings in Dominican Republic ? You will find them in descriptions of each dominican city and area. You may find them under tabs Nothern Region, Souther Region, Eastern Region and Interior (upper menu). Each place that I'm describing was visited by me and its rating is based on my eyes and my perception, all written totally honestly. Nobody paid me to write about these hotels 😉 ! ENJOY !

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