Monte Cristi

Monte Cristi

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General atmosphere / feeling of the place

Monte Cristi is located on the northern coast of Dominican Republic, near the border with Haiti. It is really chilled out town, where almost nothing happens; the life is quiet here, the place is safe, and the cost of life - cheap. What would you like more ?
Oh, and there is also a hospital here, some banks,few restaurants, bars and cafeterias.;-)

Monte Cristi Dominican Republic

Monte Cristi, restaurant near the road to the beach el Morro

I was living in Monte Cristi for few months. Monte Cristi is one of [ more...]

monte cristi dominicana

Monte Cristi is a town with fishing traditions....

The another advantage of living in Monte Cristi was the fact that actually, by dominican standards it is [ more...]

CHEAP hotels in Monte Cristi / Where to sleep

There are hotels suitable for every budget in Monte Cristi. Let's take a closer look at them...:

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The are also other hotels in Monte Cristi, located near the beach. And they are [ more...]

Things worth to see/ do in Monte Cristi

El Morro Beach

monte cristi el morro beach

Beautiful beach in Monte Cristi

Located [ more, 80 % of content inside...]

There is also beach located closer from Monte Cristi town center, but it is not so spectacular as El Morro beach.

monte cristi dominican republic

The road from Monte Cristi to the el Morro beach. Nice views guaranteed 😉

Italian pizzeria

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Fresh fried fish

You can buy it in [ more, 70 % of content inside...]

Getting into Monte Cristi/ Roads Info

From my diary:
"The road to Monte Cristi from Sosua leads through Puerto Plata and Esperanza. The part of it - Puerto Plata- Esperanza is in [ more, 70 % of content inside...] ."

The second road leading to Monte Cristi - from Dajabon is in decent/ good condition.

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