A-C: Analfabetism, Animals, Batida, Beer, Beggars, Birth Control, Cabanas, Cafeteria, CarribeTours, Children

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Analfabetism - when I was writing these words, in 2013, stats from previous years were saying that in Dominican Republic around 15-20 % of population couldnt read and write. Now, in 2015, its [...read more...]

 Animals -Dominicans dont treat animals good. Usually they are treated just like "tools" to do work, not as feeling creatures and beings, which they are. In theory - in Dominican Republic there is a law that forbids maltreating animals, but - is not enforced at all in DR (just like many other laws)

Batida -it's fruit shake, with milk, ice and sugar. One of the best dominican drinks. Healthy and very tasty.

They do it from many fruits, but I recommend batidas from lechoza (papaya), zapote (sapodilla) and bananas. Usually batida cost around 50 pesos. In "better" and upscale places it may even cost up to 100 pesos, but usually - in normal dominican cafeteria - it is between 40 and 60 pesos.

Beer -in Dominican Republic there are no big variety of beers. There are two most popular ones, locally produced [...read more...]

 Beggars - there are beggars in Dominican Republic, but it's definetely not a plague. The more popular the place is with tourist, and the more crowded it is - the more beggars you can meet there. That's the general rule.In typical dominican town beggars "concentrate their activity" usually around [...read more...]

There are two types of beggars in Dominican Republic (in my opinion): the classic beggar and the "working" beggar. Classic beggar will just ask you for money, offering nothing in return (expect maybe "thank you") word. The other type of beggars will [...read more...]

 Birth Control - I would say that birth control and planning the family with consciousness - these two things [...read more, 80 % of content inside...]

Dominican Republic childrenDespite its poverty , Dominican Republic is rich in one thing - young generations ! In picture: Kids from somewhere near San Juan de La Maguana

 Cabanas - Dominicans love to have sex, but as they very often live with their parents and families - they not always have a possibility and place to meet their lovers. That's what for cabanas are. Cabanas [...read more, 70 % of content inside...]

 Cafeteria - like the name says it - it's the cafe/ bar. Cafeterias are irreplaceable part of dominican reality - and even in the smallest dominican town or village there is always one or two of them. Cafeteria is usually small place, with few chairs, very often located on the ground floor of someone's house. So what can you buy in typical dominican cafeteria ? It's always coffee, some cakes, batidas, fruit juices, some sandwiches (or like dominican write it and say: "sandwichs"), some toasts and so on. You can also buy cigarettes here and recharge your phone (but not always)

cafeteria, dominican republicTypical dominican cafeteria and its menu

Carribe Tours - is one of the few big bus operators in Dominican Republic. Their buses [...read more...]


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