C -E: Chinese people, Cigars, Colmado, Comedor, Compraventa, Drugs, Dulce de Leche, Dump, Empanada

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Chinese people - yes, Chinese people live even here, in Dominican Republic. They've been living here since generations, and most of them came to DR at the beginning of XX century. They share country with Dominicans, but in reality - they dont [...read more...]

Cigars - Dominican cigars are of good quality.You can buy decent, smokeable cigar in Dominican Republic from [...read more, 70 % of content inside...]

cheap cigars in Dominican RepublicCheap and very basic cigars..not so great quality (around 10 pesos each) - still hand made. Somewhere in Dominican Republic

Colmado - colmado is a typical dominican shop, selling everything, from soap, through bread, to rum and cigarettes. There are even some fruits and vegetables. What is really interesting that usually colmados have the same or even lower prices than so called supermarkets - you would expect it the other way, right ? But not in Dominican Republic. So colmados are actually very useful shops, and they even offer home delivery service...What would you need more ?
On weekends, some of the colmados change themselves to places where there is always music being played, beer being drank and the people - always sitting in front of it on the white plastic chairs made in China....So, if you are searching for place to live, like hotel or house for rent - check out if there is colmado near it. If it is - there are big chances that you wont sleep at all on weekends....

Comedor - is a basic dominican restaurant, or should I rather say -the place where the food is served. Usually it is simple dominican food - rice with beans and chicken, sometimes beef or pork and rarely fish. Usually you can eat here typical dominican breakfast or dinner, which is:

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comedor food in Dominican RepublicTypical food in dominican comedor. Everything with a lot of fat

Eating in typical dominican comedors is not so expensive (but usually, for the same price, you can cook for yourself something much better, tastier and healthier), but very quickly will get boring. Actually, judging by what the typical Dominicans eat, and how their food looks like, that is eaten by majority of the people , I can say it once again - Dominican Republic is the country with the worst food where I've ever been.

basic restaurant, Dominican RepublicBasic restaurant or more "advanced" comedor in Dominican Republic

Compraventa - pawn shop. The people come here to borrow some money, and they will give as guarantee their own things - like motorcycles, TVs, computers, and such type of stuff. Actually, go to local Dominican compraventa shop and see for yourself what is the average level of dominican wealth. In smaller dominican towns, it is not so uncommon that people borrow money and give as guarantee their shoes, pants, watches and so on.....

Drugs - (illegal drugs) - something that is not legal drug, like tobacco, alcohol, painkillers, chocolate and such type of things. By that , in the dominican case - I usually mean weed (marihuana) and coke (cocaine).
Dominican Republic is a convenient stop for drug smugglers, on their way to [...read more, 80 % of content inside...]
As a tourist - it is better to stay away from drugs as far as possible. But if you really want to buy some of them - never do that from the person that you have never seen and from the "first guy on the street". Dominican weed is [...read more...]

Dulce de leche - cheap, healthy and so sweeeeet. You should definetely try it, also with added fruits like coconut or guayaba.

Dump - unfortunately you may see it very often in Dominican Republic. Illegal trash dumps are sometimes located in most vandalizing and profanating places - like on the beautiful beaches, in the mountains and so on. Dominicans have [...read more...]

trash dump, dominican republicSad view. Trash dump in Enriquillo, Dominican Republic. Such beautiful place devastated by stupid men. Kind of symbolic what we do with our Planet...

Empanada - typical south american snack/ meal. Looks like big dumpling, it is tasty and it has various ingredientes inside. You can buy empanada with chicken, cheese, sausage, corn, vegetables and so on. Empanada usually costs 20-40 pesos, depending on the location and ingredients.

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