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General atmosphere/ feeling of the place

Jarabacoa is a city located in the mountains in Cibao region. One of the most popular tourist destinations in dominican mountains; the city and its region live however from the farming and agriculture (like most mountain regions in Dominican Republic).

Jarabacoa Center of the city

Jarabacoa - center of the city. And in the center of the city - there is Parque Central of course...Still wonder why dominicans love New York ? 😉

So in Jarabacoa region you can spot a lot of [...read more...]

Jarabacoa is a ideal place to [...read the full article, 80 % of content inside...]

Jarabacoa - Constanza road

 Jarabacoa - Constanza road. One of the most picturesques roads in the country.

From my diary:

"Jarabacoa is a specific city, located in the beautiful mountains. Economy of the city and whole region seems to be well prospering and well developed (as for dominican standards). There are many fruit stalls, vegetable and fruit markets, a lot of people lives from producing food from fruit and vegetables (like jams, mermalades, cakes etc.). All fresh. Ideal for someone looking for some good and healthy food. I am visiting one of sweet-shops here. What seemed like [...read more...]..."

Other observations from Jarabacoa:

"Sometimes I have a feeling here that I'm back in Sumatra, Indonesia. Similar way of painting the buildings, billboards near the roads, similiar wilderness and kindess of the country and its people, who live their life somewhere at the end of the world 😉 But the roads ? Usually better than in Indonesia"

CHEAP hotels in  Jarabacoa/ where to sleep:

Jarabacoa was my first city which I visited during my motorbike travel in Dominican Republic. So I wasnt experienced yet that much as I was later with finding cheap places to sleep; at the first sight I thought that there are no such places here. I found them later though; however their rate value/ price wasnt so good here. Maybe that's just how it is in Jarabacoa ?

CHEAP hotels in Jarabacoa:

1. Hotel [...read the full article...]

2. The other very cheap hotel, this time in the center of the city. Rooms also very cheap - but [...read the full article...]

 3. Hotel [...read the full article...]

 There are also few other hotels in Jarabacoa - with rooms for 1000 pesos and more.

Things worth to see / do in Jarabacoa/ The best of Jarabacoa

Like I already said, Jarabacoa could be ideal "base" to explore surrounding areas, ideally by motorbike or car.

jarabacoa Dominican Republic

Jarabacoa region. Beautiful views everywhere

From my diary:

" There are two ideal roads to take some picturesque trip around Jarabacoa. The first one leads to  [...read the full article ...]"

 jarabacoa dulceria

Jarabacoa region based its economy on the agriculture. I described that sweet- shop - dulceria above. Looks inviting outside, and what is inside, what kind of big company lurks there ? One fridge with maybe 20 jars with few kinds of jams - all made from local fruits.

How to get into Jarabacoa/ Roads Info:

The roads leading to Jarabacoa - from Constanza, La Vega and Bonao - are all of decent or good quality. The road Constanza - Jarabacoa was recently built, and thus makes it really good road. Without potholes and other problems typical for some dominican roads.

The other thing is that this road (Jarabacoa - Constanza) could be a very tiring sometimes - due to its (almost 50 of them !) turns and its "twisted" construction.

jarabacoa - road

Recently built road Jarabacoa - Constanza - beatiful landscapes and lots of turns.

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