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General atmosphere/ feeling of the place

I discovered Maimon during my motorbike trip in Dominican Republic. Maimon is a typical hidden gem of dominican province and rural areas, almost not described at all in any guide. Please don't confuse Maimon city with Maimon Bay...

Maimon is located in Monsenor Noel province, near the Bonao and Cotui cities. You may say that's middle of nowhere; and it's kind of true. The biggest attraction of the Maimon city is nearest lake - Presa de Hatillo, which is really beautiful and is located in National Park, created just few years ago. When I first saw that lake I instantly thought to myself - "I spotted something really beautiful in this country".

maimon dominican republicPresa de Hatillo - Lake near Maimon city, Dominican Republic. Now, isnt it beautiful ?

From my diary:

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As of 2013 entrance to the park was free but that could change.

WARNING !: Please notice that Presa de Hatillo is great to see in [ the full article here...]....

maimon - presa de hatillo

Presa de Hatillo - in second picture

CHEAP hotels in Maimon

There are few cheap hotels in Maimon, Dominican Republic

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Things worth to see / do in Maimon/ Best of Maimon

The main attraction of the area is Presa de Hatillo Lake. The road leading to that lake is in bad condition, and during the [ more...]

maimon - presa de hatillo

Beauty of Maimon

Around 5 kilometres from Maimon, on the road leading to Cotui there is also [ more...]

How to get into Maimon/ Roads Info

Road from Maimon to Cotui is of decent quality; there are potholes, but not so many. The road from Piedra Blanca to Maimon is in good quality - looks like recently built. The part of the road Santiago - Santo Domingo that is located near Maimon -is also of decent/ good quality.

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