Duverge and Lago Enriquillo

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Today I went to Duverge to see the biggest lake in Dominican Republic - Lago Enriquillo. Duverge itself is a dancing city - at least it seems like that during Easter Week. The music is playing from the early morning hours; beer and rum are being drinked and the truck with mounted 2000 Watt speakers (at least they look like that...) is slowly driving around the streets in this dominican town. Yes, Dominicans just love the noise. Motorcycles and scooters with modified (to make them noiser) exhaust pipes roar like there would be no tomorrow...

I stay in some cheap hotel here. Just for one day. 400 pesos for rather gloomy and small room with TV, but without remote. In the hotel tens of other rooms. The owner must to have some nice money from it...At the "reception" - which in this case means -  downstairs, sitting on the plastic chair - the manager guy. Haitian. After some short chit chat I ask him how much money does he make here. He replies that its 2,500 pesos per month. DAMN. That's 60 US dollars/ month. Is there any place in the world where people get paid less ? Maybe... But anyway - he gets also free room to sleep and free food. So that "additional" 2 bucks/ day from his salary he may spend on everything that he needs top - like maybe one beer daily ? Or maybe 4 apples imported from US? Or maybe 3 fruit juices ? That's his "choice"....
In the hotel - and what else it could be - the music turned on. Merengue, bachata and all songs about love. 20 years old girl is sitting on white plastic chair and is listening...;-)

Lago Enriquillo

Lago Enriquillo, Dominican Republic

Lago Enriquillo - prehistory once again. Milions years ago. That is the feeling that I have once again when I see the biggest lake in Dominican Republic. But this time , that "sensation" is as big as the lake is...Landscape ? Stepp, or maybe rather something that reminds me of such steppe...Around it - mountains. And empty road leading from here to Jimani, dominican city just near Haiti. And lake. With water of green color; probably it has so many various "ingredients" so thats why this color and consistence, which is rather muddy.
There are aligators living there. No doubts about it. If I would be aligator - this would be mine dream house 😉
I drive around on the motorbike and I "sightsee". Further and further from Duverge, alone on the empty road. And the muddy, strange lake around it.... At some moment I turn back. It is really weird here. Like there would be dinosaurs waiting somewhere. They would ideally fit in this prehistoric landscape. It's better to go back....

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