On the road to San Jose de Ocoa

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The road is calling. Once again. I'm going to San Jose de Ocoa. I make one day stop in Azua. On my road back from San Juan to Azua I see the other local lake - Presa de Sabana Yegua. Once again - they put dam here. With hydroplant. All is guarded and there is actually almost no access to the lake. That's OK for me. Maybe at least they produce the thing that they really need in this country - electricity. And maybe someone will even pay for it...Maybe 😉
The guard from the dam says that there is actually some walking path to the lake - but since I'm quite "busy" with my road today, I dont have a time to search for it. Especially if it requires 20 minutes of climbing up. Usually I am lazy bastard....

So I'm in Azua finally today. The plan was to stay here just for one day before my trip to San Jose de Ocoa. I stayed few more days - I like this typical dominican city. Nobody bothers me and nobody wants anything from me here. I can just sit in the park, eat some icecream and observe daily dominican life. I like it.

on the road to san jose de ocoa

On the road to San Jose de Ocoa.

The part of the road to San Jose de Ocoa from Cruce de Ocoa is bad. At least it was bad in 2013. Many signs: "slow down", "road in construction" etc. Few years ago the hurricane Noel literally destroyed whole road here. And they are still reconstructing it...And today ? It's raining day. The rain makes this road even more difficult to pass. I see some good car - like jeep - 4wd stucked in the mood. They use big truck to pull it up from it...Craziness.

So it's raining time and I'm in San Jose de Ocoa. Cloudy sky, no sun at all. Strange, as for the sunny Carribean.
At the first sight, San Jose de Ocoa seems to be big town - by its size, not population. I was looking here for the cheap hotel and it took me maybe almost one hour -so it wasnt so easy to find something decent here. I found two hotels, but didnt like them that much - one costed 500 pesos (a little too much for me 😉 ) and the other one - it was good priced, but terrible. Room doors with padlocks and some drunk , tattoed guy working as receptionist - it wasnt in my style at all. And the rooms ? Dark and gloomy, with weak lightbulbs. Looked more like interrogation room in some south american prison than normal room to live.heheh

cheap hotel in san jose de ocoa
My cozy hotel in San Jose de Ocoa

So finally I asked some local guy for help. We visit together 4 other hotels and I finally find something decent. 400 pesos for a room with TV and Wi Fi. OK !
So I will stay here for few days, thats for sure. Love Wi Fi in my hotel room - which is luxury in this country in that price range....

I didnt like San Jose de Ocoa that much. Really busy, something like Bani at the first sight. Tens of one way streets dont help at all in navigating in this town. But the region looks like developed one - I feel here like in Cibao region. Which means - developed agriculture. In the mountains - once again. People sell here various marmelads and other products made from fruits and vegetables. I will stay here few days to check out this whole region....

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