Charms of Monte Cristi…

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I tried to withdraw money from ATM here in Monte Cristi. Transaction declined. Well, the ATM just doesnt accept foreign cards. Damn it. So I have to drive 30 km to Dajabon to get money there. Ok, will do. (It was in 2013 - I recently visited Monte Cristi in 2015 and ATM works now and accepts international cards without any problems).
So I go to Dajabon. With 200 pesos in my pocket, my 2 plastic cards and passport (in case the card would be eaten in ATM in Dajabon and I would have to "proof" that it's. You know - everything is possible in this country...) It's only 30 km to Dajabon, but of course - the bike got broken. Suddenly. Well, kind of "suddenly". Actually in quite funny way - it starts to lose its power with every kilometer, then when I stop it to check out whats going out - i see something really funny. The oil is literally flooding away from engine and I see a lot of white smoke. Like in the movies, like in the cartoons. It looks like serious damage, but luckily I'm in the country when any motorbike repair is peace of cake for any mechanic.

monte cristi beachI went to the beach just after I repaired my motorbike that day 😉

So I walk with the bike for like maybe 1 km and there it is. Some mechanic shop. It's maybe 2 pm,  and the guy is actually sleeping now. But I wake him up and tell him whats up. "OK", he nods, like it would be nothing serious and nothing to worry about. "River of the oil and white smoke" ? - "Dude, we seen much worse things here" - he seems to say. It would be 900 pesos total, oil change incuded. 22 USD. BARGAIN, as for such repair.
So I take gua gua to Dajabon to get some money from ATM. I get there without any problems. In 3 hours I'm back and the bike is already ready. And I'm back in Monte Cristi, with 9,000 pesos in my pocket. One day, and so many surprises. Like in the Dominican Republic it always is....

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