School in Santiago – daily life

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Boring daily life. Dailiness. School (5 times a week for 3 hours every day), computer, trips to the center of the city, walking, shopping and so on. This school is killing me, but I hope that it will "pays off" - I will speak Spanish ! Regularity and discipline - things important in learning, working and achieving goals. So in few weeks I will finish my semester and - according to what they say in school - I will have B2 TEFL level of Spanish. Not that bad, right ? Me and the people from Haiti - now my friends and schoolmates. We are all here to achieve one goal - learn Spanish. So our mutual differences are kind of supressed - the only thing that we do care about is learning. And that's good. Language barries, communications barries. The language of the gestures, vibrations, atmosphere, spirit feeling and body language - we are all the same inside (heart,feelings), while we are different outside (skin color, mentality). All good.

paintings in Santiago
Paintings for sale - Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic

The other images and impressions from living in Santiago:
- carros publicos - basic way of transportation here - always overcrowded and always driving like maniacs
- trash, trash and trash - "sir, you sure that you dont want plastic bag for this apple that I just sold to you ? Take it ! We love plastic !"
- street vendors of: coconuts, sweets, every day trying to make some money. Most of them are from Haiti.
- dominican cuisine - god damn. I never expected to be in the country with such bad cuisine...But I'm here now...rice&beans + chicken...Every day...God !
- electricity - sometimes it just goes away. Power outages. Few times for few hours per week - in good suburbs. In bad areas ? much more.
- Santiago city's center - not suitable for pedestrians. It will suck up all your stamina and power - noise, dirt, trash, pollution and HEAT. I hate walking there.

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