Back in Dominican Republic

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So I made a decision. I will spend european winter here, in Dominican Republic. Once again. I'm too tired to search for another paradise, while I already know this country pretty well....

So I landed today in Punta Cana...We wait for our luggage. 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour...And we wait..And wait...What the hell ? What is the problem ?

It's hot here. Thank god that they installed these HUGE fans on the roof. ...And finally ! There it is - our luggage...But, but wait..Someone probably installed wrong this luggage carousel...And every 1 of 5 suitcases drops down on the floor... Dominican airport staff doesnt seem to be concerned at all with this fact. They just sit and talk with each other. "Dios mio" - says some Dominican girl who has just arrived in her country, on the trip back from Europe...

Welcome back to the Dominican Republic ! 😉

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