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General atmosphere / feeling of the place

Polo is a mountainous town , located in Barahona province in Dominican Republic. It's colder here than in the lower parts of the country - and that's nice, trust me 🙂
I visited Polo just for a few hours and I didnt find anything interesting for me there. It reminded me a little of Restauracion - the same poverty and the same feeling of being somehwere "deep in the interior", at the end of the world.
One thing surprised me however in Polo - there is [...read the full article here...]

CHEAP hotels in Polo / Where to sleep

Like I wrote before, I was in Polo just for a few hours, and I wasnt looking for hotel there. But the thing is - i didnt noticed any hotel sign in there, so maybe there is really nothing in there....

Things worth to see/ do in Polo / Best of Polo

Polo could be interesting for someone, who likes small towns in the mountains. It is located around 30 minutes drive from hot Cabral, and you can spot the temperature difference between these two places easily - Polo is just nice, with perfect 25 celsius degrees.
Well, there is also Polo Magnetico - in the middle of the road between Polo and Cabral - [...read the full article here...]

Getting into Polo / Roads Info

The road that connects Polo with Cabral is in good condition and...it ends in Polo. So if you would like to go further from the town to other places , located in the mountains or even if you would like to go to Enriquillo - you have to do it by foot. Or maybe by horse - it would be possible too. And as for that long walk (or maybe rather 2 days trekking) from Enriquillo to Polo - well, it could be amazing walk, with astonishing views, but I'm not sure about its safety. With local guide or two of them - sure, y not ? But never ever alone.

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