In Gaspar Hernandez

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I left Las Terrenas today. Time to discover the other parts of the country. I will be back there - thats for sure, but still dont know when exactly. Anyway - I'm in Gaspar Hernandez now. I pay for the room 300 pesos/ day (rented for 7 days). Access to the kitchen and washing machine. What is the name of that cheap hotel ? Read inside my guide ;-).
I went to Cabarete today, which is actually not that far from Gaspar Hernandez. I have some problems with motorbike. Thank god thats the Dominican Republic and you can repair here your bike for peanuts and practically - everywhere. It seems that previous mechanic put the wheel wrong way, so that's why I have current problems with my bike. So the bike broke down near someone's house. Fortunately two young Dominicans helped me with it - they actually repaired it by themselves. For how much ? Around 7 usd with a tip...Damn, sometimes I really love this country..So after one hour I have my bike repaired. And I'm in Cabarete. And what I do in Cabarete? Well, there is one Haitian girl there...

5 km before Gasprar Hernandez5 km before Gaspar Hernandez and 20 km after Rio San Juan 😉

Back in Gaspar Hernandez. It is typical dominican town, too bad that its almost without any tourist attractions. I meet some guy from Sweden in my hotel. He is just getting divorced with his dominican wife and...Is looking for another lady. Good luck, man ! - I say to myself thinking about Swede. You will need it !
So the days are passing by in Gaspar Hernandez quickly. Later I wonder how the hell I was there for one week - while it's actually nothing interesting in there....But it seems that if you meet nice people, even the worst place has its charms...

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