Jarabacoa – dominican mountains

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So I am leaving Moca early afternoon on my newly bought motorbike. I'm going to Jarabacoa - the town located in mountains, not that far actually from where I'm leaving. I am there after 2 hours of easy ride on my 110 cc bike. So far so good....

Jarabacoa fruit market

Market in Jarabacoa - vegetables, fruits and meat

Jarabacoa is kind of interesting town, located in the beautiful surrounding of the mountains. The city and whole area seems to be living from agriculture - it is actually one of the richest agriculture regions in DR and the amount of shops with vegetables, fruits and all things made from them - proves it.
So I enter one of such shops, with sweets inside. What looked like a shop from the outside, in reality is just a family's house with a fridge full of jams and marmelades. There are like maybe 10 types of jam in it, from various fruits. Nice !

jarabacoa - dulceria

Jarabacoa - dulceria. And what's inside ? Fridge with various products from fruits 😉

Around 50 KMs south of Jarabacoa lays Constanza - another town located in picturesque area. i have a feeling here that I'm actually back in Indonesia - similar level of country's development, similar craziness of the people and similarly beautiful, wild nature...Thank god that the roads here are much better than in Indonesia...

Jarabacoa surroundingsSomewhere near Jarabacoa...

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