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General atmosphere / feeling of the place

Bani is a dominican town located on the southern coast, around 70 km southwest of Santo Domingo. I didn't like Bani that much, but mostly due to my private preferences; for other people these could be advantages of Bani, not disadvantages as they were for me.

Bani Dominican Republic

Do you believe in reincarnation ? Stalin, former Soviet leader sells now furniture in Bani, Dominican Republic.

I came to Bani somewhere in middle of 2013, when I was on the road to Barahona - from SantiagoAs you may imagine, it is quite a long trip for 110 cc bike, that's why I chose Bani as a stop for day or two...To just relax and calm down a bit, after such long ride. However, the problem was - that [ more...]

In my opinion, Bani is too close to Santo Domingo to be free [ more...]

Bani appeared to me as not [ more...]

 CHEAP hotels in Bani / where to sleep

There are few cheap hotels in Bani. I came here quite late, and Bani was the only place in Dominican Republic where someone [ more, 80 % of content inside...]
Ok, lets talk about cheap hotels finally. So here they are:

1. Hotel [ more...]

2.There are also few [ more...]

Things worth to see / do in Bani/ Best of Bani

Bani, as I said before, is a very busy city with good infrastructure typical for a city - banks, hospitals, cafes, supermarkets, shops with household goods etc.  5 km south of Bani there is [ more...]

dessert las salinas dominican republic

Desert in Dominican Republic - few dozens square kilometres of sand..and sand...and sand...

Around 20 kilometres to the west and south west of Bani, there are other attractions, that are worth one day trip. I'm talking about Las Salinas and beach Palmar de Ocoa. In Las Salinas, as the name says it in spanish there are salt mines and nice bay. There is also some kind of [ more, 80 % of content inside...]

bani dominican republic

Somewhere on the Moon ? No, it is Bani, Dominican Republic

Like I already said - it is worth to visit Las Salinas. It is however a little complicated to get there from Bani - the road doesnt have good signs, and you have to ask local people.

How to get into Bani/ Roads Info 

The roads leading to Bani from Azua, Santo Domingo or San Cristobal are all expressways of good quality and in good condition. There is however one worse road , that connects Bani with [ more...]

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