Back to “civilised” world – in Santiago de los Caballeros

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I am in Santiago de los Caballeros once again. Back to my old, known "hood"...Day of the relax and rest..And also day of doing some "business" - imagine that, there is always something to do even if you are on vacation in Carribean...
So I'm in decent hotel in Santiago. 450 pesos for room with TV and hot water. Really good deal in this country for this price. Despite the fact that I have been living without hot showers without any problems since months - lets just say that this time it was really nice to take hot shower. For various reasons, includng the "worse" weather.
So like I wrote in my previous post, I ran away from the dominican poverty. And now I'm in 10 bucks hotel, in good Santiago area, which makes me forget about that really bad night in that 5 bucks hotel (where I was forced to stay actually). Believe it or not. Double the price, from 5 to 10 usd and you will upgrade your self from minus 2 stars to neutral 0 stars hotel. HA HA.
Some sad impressions and images from Dominican Republic that comes to my mind...This country - sometimes - can really get on your nerves. Not everyone has always 100 % of patience and sense of humour - in any given situation.
- stray dogs lurking and camping in front of you, when you eat dinner in SOME cheap dominican comedor - bar. They literally beg you with their sad eyes to give them some food. Of course, it doesnt eventually stop them few hours later to bark at you when you drive your motorbike after the dark and they want to sleep on that street.... Another impression: stray dog, with REALLY crazy eyes - beady look. He looks like he is tired of constant noise from motorbikes. He has problem with his leg - lame dog....
- busy intersection somewhere in Santiago. Haitians, trying to wash windows of the expensive cars. Each of the drivers says "no" . (well, anyway - I would do the same...)
- cripple on the wheelchair begging for some money near the ATM in bank
- beggars, beggars and beggars. Molesting, neutral and smiling beggars. Shoe cleaning kids, running around everyone (especially if you are white) and asking if you want their "shoe cleaning service"
- prostitute like a stray dog. Like said dog - she is always begging you for some money. Not exactly for some fancy clothes or cosmetics, but she needs money for the other "things". Like food for her children and/or bills for her house. Father of the children ? He dissapeared. In Dominican style. So mother's love to her kid forces her to do things that she "normally" wouldnt do. But what is "normally" anyway in this world ? That's the question.... Of course - it doesnt mean that there are no "selfish" prostitutes here in DR. Of course - there are many of them. And indeed they do spend their money on booze, clothes, cosmetics, expensive cell phones and sometimes drugs.

Well, these are sad impressions from Dominican Republic.As real as other, more "normal" impressions of daily life.

Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic

Santiago de los Caballeros

Santiago. So its good to visit your old friends. I visited R. and F. - I lived in their house (room renting) when I was "good student" of Spanish school...So we talk in their house for around 1 hour. They are actually happy that I'm OK. Especially R., who was so afraid of my alone travelling in her - sometimes crazy - country. But nothing wrong happened to me and I'm totally OK. So we talk and talk. I take some of my stuff that I left in their house..all good.

And I visited also today my former language school of Spanish. In the office I meet my teacher - M. and the school's secretary. We are all happy of the meeting. I talk them about my travelling in their country on motorbike. They all envy me that. They just work. And like most of the Dominicans - they dont have too much time and money to get to know their country better...
Next few days and I will leave Santiago. I will miss them all. But who knows...Maybe we will see each other ? Maybe...

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