Las Galeras

Las Galeras

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Las Galeras is a small village located just "at the end of the world" - eastern end of Samana Penisula. The road that connects Samana Penisula with outside world ends exactly in Las Galeras - you may see as it "falls into the sea".
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So what exactly is in Las Galeras ? Actually - not that much. The road no 5 crosses it, and like I said before - it ends here, just 30 meters before the beach. Few cafeterias, bars and some shops...The atmosphere of total chillout in the town where almost nothing happens, with - some say that - one of the best beaches in whole Carribean - Playa Rincon.

cliff rocks Las Galeras

Cliff rocks on the road Samana - Las Galeras. This is just one of the most picturesque roads in the whole Dominican Republic, definetely in my top3

So all guides to Dominican Republic recommend Playa Rincon as "one of the best in Carribean". Well, I was there , and [ more, 80 % of content inside...]

playa rincon las galeras

Playa Rincon near Las Galeras
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