Gaspar Hernandez

Gaspar Hernandez

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General atmosphere / feeling of the place

Gaspar Hernandez is a city located on the northern coast of Dominican Republic, between Cabarete and Rio San Juan.

I was here 2 times, and spent around week each time. Later I was [ more, 70 % of content inside...]

 CHEAP hotels in Gaspar Hernandez / Where to sleep

There are few cheap and basic hotels in Gaspar Hernandez.

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Things worth to see/ do in Gaspar Hernandez / Best of Gaspar Hernandez

There are no tourist attractions in Gaspar Hernandez, but there could be always some reasons to come here 😉

You can [ more...]

Few kms outside of Gaspar Hernandez in direction to Rio San Juan there is [ more...]

There is also a [ more...]

Getting into Gaspar Hernandez / Roads Info

Gaspar Hernandez is located on the express road no 5, that goes through whole (almost) northern dominican coast. The road is in good condition.

Warning: If you plan to go from Gaspar Hernandez to other towns, located higher like in the mountains, like Moca [ more...]

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