P – W : Patience, Police, Potholes, Prostitutes, Restaurants, Sun, Taxi, Thieves, Wine

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Patience - you have to be patient in Dominican Republic. When ? Always. Especially when dealing with any customer service, doing shopping in supermarket or shop... - basically always when dealing with Dominicans ;-). Patience is one of the things that [...read more...]

Police - it's better to stay away from police in Dominican Republic as far as possible, due to many reasons. First of all - it's better to not need police in your life at all, right ? And the second...We start with dominican reality here...

Police in Dominican Republic is really [...read more, 90 % of content inside...]

police in dominican reublicPolice station somewhere in Dominican Republic

Prostitutes - for some tourists - that's the main reason to visit Dominican Republic.

Due to lack of education and poverty, many dominican girls try to earn some money as prostitutes. Their services are popular also almong dominican population; I can say that in each dominican town and even village there is some prostitute who earns money that way.

For the tourists though - Sosua (located on the North Coast) is [...read more, 80 % of content inside...]

Many (if not most) prostitutes in Dominican Republic are lonely mothers - and by working that way, they may support their children and themselves. Because - the dominican father doesnt exist (: lonely mother)

So what are the prices of the prostitutes in Dominican Republic ? Of course, it all depends on many variables, like client look, his level of Spanish, girl's mood and so on...And usually they start from 500-1000 pesos.

Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish "normal" dominican girls from the prostitutes, for simple reason: [...read more, 80 % of content inside...]

Prostitutes in Dominican Republic live as normal persons and are not rejected as persons. I remember one time, when [...read more...]

 Restaurants - these are the places where you will go to eat something more complicated than dominican rice with beans and chicken, which is served in every basic dominican comedor. So what can you eat in restaurants ? Usually it wil be pizza (around 300 pesos), some pasta (around 200-250 pesos), fish (around 200-300 pesos), healthy soup (around 100-200 pesos).

dominican republic, restaurantRestaurant, Dominican Republic

What is worth to remember is that some of the dominican restaurants - especially these [...read more...]

 Potholes - always be careful while driving here in Dominican Republic. The dominican roads are not best in the world , for sure - sometimes there are more potholes in there than the road's asphalt.. The real plague is [...read more...]

dominican republic potholesTypical potholes on the road, somewhere in Dominican Republic. Be careful while driving here

So there are many potholes on the dominican roads that sometimes may be a real surprise - like you are riding what appears to be a "good road", and suddenly you fall into the hole from the stolen sewere drain...

Potholes are just one more reason why [...read more...]

 Sun - it's either blessing and bad thing in Dominican Republic. People from the colder countries go to DR to spend their wintertime here - and sometimes from the first day, they just start to sunbath for many hours every day. And later they will get rather unpleasant surprise - like sunburn and beggings of tthe skin cancer...

So really - be careful with the sun here. Sometimes  its good to take example from the local people, who almost never [...read more, 60 % of content inside...]

 Taxi - taxi, taxi you want a taxi sir ? Also in Dominican Republic they have this transport service ;-). However, private taxis - like one passenger sitting in the car with the driver riding him around - exist only at the main airports and in the biggest cities - in Santiago and Santo Domingo. In Santiago minimal and basic price for [...read more...]

 Thieves - they say that Dominican Republic is infested with thieves and you, as a visitor for sure will be robbed. Nothing like that happened to me though.I heard enough stories though - from my dominican and foreign friends to not underestimate that danger.

I never was robbed here in Dominican Republic and nothing was stolen from me..during my over 1 year stay (when I write these words I'm here for the second time, and it just passed the first month of my second stay...During my first time I was living here for 11 months) here. But I had and still have some safety rules to avoid such situation. I usually always tried to avoid situations that the thieves do like, and these situations are:

[...read more, 85 % of content inside...]

The Italian that I knew once told that when he was living in Las Terrenas, and while he was renting a house there - it was always robbed. Like every month. The last time the thieves [...read more...]

During my first stay in Dominican Republic I've been always living in the hotels; I just negotiated the price down during longer stays. I chose to live that way to [...read more...]

If you are in Dominican Republic as backpacker and dont plan to live and rent a house - you have [...read more...]

Wine - just don't wine and drink that wine ! But only imported one. In Dominican Republic wine is not so popular drink actually - people will usually drink here beer or rum. The cheapest bottle of DECENT imported wine in Dominican Republic costs around 200 pesos. Dont ever think about buying "dominican" wine for 100-150 pesos a bottle - is actually good to flush it in the toilet - together with dominican cheese and dominican meats....

neyba, dominican republicLocally produced wine in Neyba, Dominican Republic. They say that its good, but I didnt had time to check it out.

I heard however that in Neyba  (city near Barahona, southwest of the country) they make some good wine. Never tried it, but it could be better than average dominican wine. So if you will be by chance in Neyba - dont miss to try their local wine, it could be good...

Decent and cheap imported wines sold here are usually from Argentina, Chile or Spain and you can find them usually in the supermarkets.

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