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Samana is a dominican town located on the south of Samana Penisula, in the middle of its southern coast. The city itself isnt so attractive (except [ more...]

samana dominican republic

Samana - center of the city. Nice, renowated buildings. Made for the tourists and by the money - from the tourists 😉 Almost like in Europe or Curacao (if you forget about these stray dogs running around ha ha)

Besides that, Samana is located near the very picturesque road that leads from here to [ more...]

port samana in dominican republic

Port in Samana. Sail away to see the whales ho ho ho.....

I never stayed in Samana for the night, but the city looks like that there are some cheap hotels in here...Around 10 bucks/ night

[...Full Version of The Dominican Republic Guide...]


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