A-C: Air Condition, AMET, ATM, Banca, Bank, Bread, Carro Publico, Checkpoint

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Air Conditioning - if you dont have simple yet effective fan in your hotel room or in the place where you live, that's it what you probably have.

Air conditioning is [...read more, 70 % of content inside...]

ATM - in Dominican Republic you can find ATM in almost every city and bigger town. The most popular are from BancoReservas; other popular banks are BancoPopular, BancoProgresso and ScotiaBank. BancoReservas, ScotiaBank and BancoPopular [...read more, 80 % of content inside...]

There is also BancoProgresso - they allow [...read more, 80 % of content inside...]

 Dont never ever try to pay for anything in Dominican Republic with your card - like in the shop, in the restaurant, at the gas station and so on. Your card is [...read more, 80 % of content inside...]

 AMET - in the Dominican Republic - its the road police. It is not "loved" by most of the drivers here - as being one of the most corrupted police in the country. If you drive the car or motorcycle, and you see the AMET people staying near the road, it is just the best to [...read more, 80 % of content inside...]

AMET usually stops two types of the people: those who really did something wrong - like motorcyclists driving without helmets, and those who LOOK LIKE easy targets for bribes and extortions (for example: people driving the expensive and good cars, but not with government plates). In both cases - there is always transfer of money expected - from your pocket to AMET's hands.

So the best thing to do is [...read more, 70 % of content inside...]

 Banca - dont confuse it with bank. Banca is usually small booth/ shop, where you can recharge your mobile phone with money (if you have prepaid mobile), usually you can also buy lottery tickets in these places. Bancas are everywhere in Dominican Republic - and usually these are small boots/stalls with the sign "banca", very often painted with nice graffiti.

dominican republic bancaDoes Bart Simpson painted on the wall of "banca" make you trust this place ? It is not the real bank though - it's just the banca...In this case: if you  buy lottery ticket here, the luck and charm of Bart Simpson will be with you 😉

 Bank -  like in every country - in Dominican Republic there are also banks. The biggest ones are Banco Reservas and Banco Popular. In DR there are also branches of canadian ScotiaBank. The quality of banking in DR is [...read more, 70 % of content inside...]

Dominican Republic bankAccess to your bank account through Internet ? Forget about it ! We are in the country where there is problem with power outages, and you expected common access to internet for the population ? In picture: Line to the bank in San Juan de La Maguana

 Bread - "dominican bread" - I wouldnt call that thing bread, at all.For someone who ate REAL bread, which is usually made in Europe, Middle East and Central Asia- traditionally in countries like [...read more, 80 % of content inside...]

Carro Publico - is the shared car/ taxi, that drives in the biggest cities in Dominican Republic, like Santiago or Santo Domingo. It is like a typical public bus service - with its steady routes. The price for a ride is usually [...read more, 85 % of content inside...]

dominican republic carros publicosCarros publicos in Santiago, Dominican Republic

 Checkpoint -in Dominican Republic, every few dozen kilometres (and in areas near Haiti - every few kms) there is a police/ military booth, which, in theory, check the cars passing by. In most cases - the guys from the booth just [...read more, 80 % of content inside...]

And this is actually really good thing in Dominican Republic when you travel by yourself - it keeps you more safe, and if there is some kind of problem or you feel in danger - you can always search for the nearest checkpoint and look for help there. These are the legal checkpoints, few guys sitting in the buildings, speed bumps on the road and so on. They are there to help and protect and never do anything wrong.

But there is also a different type of checkpoint in Dominican Republic.

Just one time I was [...read more, 90 % of content inside...]

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