Puerto Plata

 Puerto Plata

General atmosphere/ feeling of the place

Puerto Plata is a capital of dominican northern coast; it is also a major seaport in Dominican Republic. Not that far away from Puerto Plata there are [...read more...]
Puerto Plata is one of the biggest cities in Dominican Republic and you may find here some expats living here. If you add to that fact that Puerto Plata is located [...read more...]

The amount of tourists that come to the northern coast of DR (and Puerto Plata, too) make it sometimes full of beggars, hustlers and scammers. Maybe I exaggerated by saying - "full of" - but for sure there are more of them here, than lets say - in Monte Cristi.

 CHEAP hotels in Puerto Plata / Where to sleep

I was in Puerto Plata two times, and always sleeped in:
1. Hotel [...read more...]

Things worth to see/ do in Puerto Plata / Best of Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata is a coastal city - it has Malecon (walking alley near the ocean/ sea) and the Malecon has of course - nice breeze.
Near the Puerto Plata you have also 2 beaches - [...read more...]

How to get into Puerto Plata / Roads Info

The are few roads leading to the Puerto Plata. The road that leads here from Sosua is in good condition. However, the road from Puerto Plata to Santiago, especially its part Imbert - Navarete is in terrible condition, and be really wary when you drive there. I once got to fix my motorbike after riding this road - the potholes there  are SO BIG....