Sabana Iglesia

Sabana Iglesia

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Sabana Iglesia is a small dominican city, located 20 km south of Santiago. It is good place to come and enjoy its quietness (especially comparing with always busy Santiago) for few hours or whole day. Finally, after spending some time in noisy and polluted Santiago you discover that the Nature actually do exist here in DR and things like grass, tress, mountains and fields - also exist and are nice to see 😉 So instead of cars and buildings in Santiago, in Sabana Iglesia you will see cows and they probably would be surprised how fast the life is in Santiago...

There is nice lake here (Presa de Bao), surrounded by small mountains... Lake is [ the full article here...]

sabana iglesia lake - dominican republic

Lake in Sabana Iglesia

From my travel diary:

" Sabana Iglesia surprises me. I was expecting [ the full article here...] "

There are no hotels probably in Sabana Iglesia (I was here just for few hours); maybe there is some cabana here, but I'm not sure about it (probably there isn't ). The town and the lake are located just 30 minutes drive from Santiago, and in the said Santiago there are many hotels, suitable for every budget - from 10 bucks night to some villas for 100's $/ per night.

sabana iglesia - the dam

The dam on the lake Bao.

To summarize - Sabana Iglesia is good [ the full article here...]

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