From Santo Domingo to Santiago

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I came today to Santiago  from Santo Domingo. by Carribe Tours.
Santiago seems to be more organised and more developed than Dominican Republic's capital.... Traffic is not as bad as in Santo Domingo, and the city itself is located a little higher than Santo Domingo, so in theory it should be a little colder here. Like I wrote - in theory, since I'm sweating also here.

Another impression from Santo Domingo that I forgot to write before - Zona Colonial and its main street.... Most famous, and most prestigous...damn, if this is the main street in the very heart of the country's capital - it's poor country for sure. Stray dogs running around, guys selling pirated DVDs and CDs and so on. But they are rich for sure in the other thing - sun, that is merciless here. And which is one of the reasons why so many people come to this country....

santiago streets

Street in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic

This country reminds me so much of Indonesia and Morocco - despite the fact that religion over there is different. Same level of poverty and country's development, similary crazy people...Big difference between here and Indonesia ? Here almost nobody smokes....My hotel room in Santiago...Will I sleep today ? Thank god that i brought with me my earplugs - you cant live without them in this country...There is so much noise outside...and it all goes through my window in hotel room...So noisy like there would be a war or street protests outside..while in reality it's just normal day here.

to be continued

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