General atmopshere / feeling of the place

Barahona is located in southern-western part of Dominican Republic. This city is gateway to whole picturesque Barahona province and its beautiful beaches - in Enriquillo, Los Patos and Paraiso.

Barahona is a typical dominican city - which means that it's loud (or maybe I should rather say: LOUD 😉 ) and [ more, 60 % of content inside...]

Barahona "train" Dominican Republic

Near Barahona city there is one and only railroad track (well, just part of it - few kilometres). It is used to transport sugar cane from nearest plantations

CHEAP hotels in Barahona

Barahona has many hotels, suitable for every budget; there are few cheap hotels here that cost not more than 10 usd (~400 pesos)/night for double room.

1. Hotel [ more, 80 % of content inside...]

In Barahona there are few more cheap hotels, but [ more...]

Palo alto near barahona DR

Palo Alto ? You mean California ? No, I mean Palo Alto, Dominican Republic 😉 Around 30 km before Barahona city

Things worth to see /do in Barahona/ Best of Barahona

Barahona city is a good place to be in, if you live in some of Barahona's province villages and [ more...]

There is also Malecon here, that always gives you refreshing wind, blowing from the sea. There is also Central Park (Parque Central), but there are some beggars over there (but not aggressive, just typical laid back dominicans beggars).

In Barahona there is also quite fast (as for dominican standards) internet cafe - with connection of 10 mbps. It is located [ more...]

Around 10 km south of Barahona (road nr 44) there is picturesque, beautiful stony beach. I cant recommend [ more...]

road nr 44 dominican republic

Road 44, from Barahona to Paraiso - breath taking views.

 How to get into Barahona/ Roads Info

The roads leading to Barahona - from Pedernales, Jimani, Neyba and Azua are all in good condition. Please be aware however that if you drive from Barahona to Azua, there are [ more...]

Barahona beauty dominican republic

One thing worth to do during driving Barahona - Paraiso road 44 - take many stops and take pictures 😉

As of 2013, the road leading from Barahona to Enriquillo was under construction, and road Oviedo - Pedernales is a road that passes through VERY secluded terrain, that's why you should be better prepared before you go there (like filling vehicle with petrol, checking the tyres, engine etc.)