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General atmosphere/ feeling of the place

I was in Cabral few times, always in transit. The town is "strategically" located for everyone that wants to visit Polo (and its magnetic pole), or visit Duverge with Lake Enriquillo or Laguna de Rincon. I was in Cabral during some kind of easter fiesta (you know, sometimes it is hard to tell what fiesta it is, as Dominican Republic looks like a country of permanent fiesta).

What else, besides treating Cabral as transit point is nice in Cabral ? Well, honestly - not that much. But you can always meet some nice local people with whom you will spend nice time here. You know that the Dominicans are - very open 😉

Cabral Dominican Republic

I was in Cabral during Holy Saturday in 2013. Maybe Dominicans dont know about many things - but one thing they do know about - how to party 😉

If you drive from Cabral to Polo, you have to be ready for [ more..]
CHEAP hotels in Cabral/ Where to sleep

I only passed through Cabral, that's why I didnt look for the hotel there; what I know is that on the road from Cabral to Fundacion (that is paralel to lake Laguna de Rincon) there actually was some cheap hotel. Its quality wasnt so good though.

Things worth to see / do in Cabral/ Best of Cabral

Like I already wrote - in Cabral there are no tourist attractions. Cabral is close however to some interesting places - like [ more, 80 % of content inside..]

cabral dominican republic

Cabral and its lake - Laguna de Rincon. Access to the viewpoint on the tower is paid and costs maybe 50 pesos. And maybe even 100. It depends on the mood of the guys from the tower 😉

There is the other attraction near Cabral - Polo Magnetico; but like I already said before - it is not worth the hassle to get there - as the optic illusion almost doesnt exist and its nothing spectacular. 😉

cabral dominican republic

Cabral -typical small dominican town

How to get into Cabral / Roads Info

Road leading to Cabral from Barahona is in good condition; the same as road Duverge - Cabral.

The road connecting Cabral with Fundacion is unpaved and I wouldnt recommend it for the cars with low suspension...

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