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Higuey is a city in Dominican Republic, in Altagracia region. Located not that far from most popular dominican all inclusive resorts

(in Punta Cana and Bavaro area) and Punta Cana airport, Higuey is excellent location to wait for your flight or relax after your long flight.

City appears kind of developed . Its center is developed, well regulated and doesnt look like poor (by dominican standards). Like I said before - Higuey is ideal stop before or after your flight, due to many CHEAP hotels located here (for around 10 usd/ night). The biggest atraction of the city (after cheap hotels and its proximity to Punta Cana airport) is basilica (builded in XX century, but inside there is "holy" painting from XVI century), which is magnet for pilgrims going in here. Higuey is a dominican city with a long history - it was founded at the end of XV century.

Now Higuey and its area are famous for its orange plantations, and this is one of the reasons why Higuey is not a poor city.

 hguey dominican republic

Street in Higuey

 There are few CHEAP hotels in Higuey; first three of them that I describe are located on the same street (so it wont be difficult to find them at all). How to get to any of these hotels ? Just ask any of motoconcho guys, for 50 pesos (or less) they will drive you there happily.

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higuey cathedral

 Cathedral in Higuey

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