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General atmosphere/ feeling of the place

Azua is a city located on the southern coast of Dominican Republic, around 120 km west of Santo Domingo. Azua is a convenient transport hub and stop for one or few days during your longer trip, in the direction to Barahona, Neyba, San Juan de La Maguana or Santo Domingo. For some/most of travellers Azua is/ will be nothing more than one hour stop during bus change, or just one day stop ...but I always liked to stay here for at least 3 days, although there is actually nothing "interesting" and special in Azua...

So why I liked this city so much to waste my precious time there for few days 😉 ? Well [ more,70 % of content inside...]

azua dominican republic

One of the streets in Azua, Dominican Republic. Photo shot from the roof of the hotel where I stayed.

CHEAP hotels in Azua/ where to sleep in Azua

There are many cheap hotels in Azua:

1. Hotel [ more...]

2. Hotel [ more...]

3. Hotel [ more...]

Azua - hotel in Dominican Republic

 The room in Hotel el Viajante, Azua, Dominican Republic. Cheap, clean, safe, and decent.

4. Hotel [ more...]

In Azua there are also 2 other hotels - cabanas, where you can sleep. Sleeping in "normal" hotel  is however cheaper and generally speaking  - better solution (more quiet in the night)

Things worth to see/ do in Azua / Best of Azua

Like I already said, I always liked to stay here (regardless of the fact that there is actually not that much to see). 10 km from the city center there is a [ more, 70 % of content inside...]

Azua Dominican Republic

The beach around Azua - not so pretty, but always windy

Said beaches are secluded, which here, in the Carribean could be dangerous (sometimes).

In Azua there is also small paid swimming pool, but actually not so good - it is located near the road leading to the beach from Azua.

In Azua there are also many shops with clothes; there are also two ATM that wont charge with fee during your withdrawal (well, it was like that in 2013 at least) - Scotiabank and Banco Popular.

How to get into Azua/ Roads Info

Like I already said, Azua is a major transport hub for the people that want to go to Santo Domingo, Barahona, Neyba, San Juan de La Maguana etc. All roads leading from Azua to these destinations are in good condition. The expressway Santo Domingo - Barahona (it actually crosess Azua) is generally in very good condition, and it's also picturesque. From Azua to Barahona you drive through the steppe- like landscape, which here, in hot Carribean is something interesting. I had funny adventure one time, around 50 km from Azua to Barahona - I [ more...]

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