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General atmosphere of the place

So here we go. Restauracion, in Dajabon province was actually the only and unique place in Dominican Republic to where I never would like to go back... Quite harsh rating, right ? And you may ask why....

I was there only for like 24 hours. Many factors contributed to such low rating : I was [ the full article here...]

From my diary:

"From Monte Cristi I went to Restauracion, expecting some small charming town, like typical town in dominican mountains may look like. Unfortunately, what I saw there was the picture of [ the full article here...]"

And about the hotel where I stayed:

"Two hotels in the city: better one and worse one. Unfortunately, I landed in that worse one. First time something like that happened to me in DR - that there were no places in other hotel and it was occupied in 100 %. So I'm here, in the cheaper and worse hotel. Rooms [ the full article here...]"

Don't get me wrong here. I have nothing against [ the full article here...]

restauracion dominican republic

On the road to Restauracion

CHEAP hotels in Restauracion

There are two hotels in Restauracion (if I didnt discourage you yet to come to Restauracion). That one, terrible, where I stayed costed 200 pesos and was just that - terrible. It is located [ the full article here...]

 Things worth to see/ do in Restauracion / Best of Restauracion

Well, I don't feel totally right when I write about it as a place not worth visiting. Why I feel like that ? Because over there live GOOD people (like in whole Dominican Republic) and by writing like that they wont receive any money from you, as potential tourist. 😉 But hopefully they can live without it, as they are kind of self- sufficient (with their agriculture).

Restauracion could be a nice place for someone who likes mountains, but in the Dominican Republic I prefer mountains from the [ the full article here...]

How to get here/ Roads Info

restauracion dominican republic

Viewpoint on the road before Restauracion

In Restauracion ends the good, paved road that leads further to Ellas Pina. Most of the Dominicans that I talked to were afraid to drive there alone - as the road leads through uninhabited terrain, bordering with Haiti. That's the road that goes to the south of Restauracion.

The road that goes to the north of Restauracion, into the city of Dajabon is a decent road with nice views. Especially one of viewpoints is espactular - that one on the picture above.

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