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General atmosphere / feeling of the place

Enriquillo is a small and VERY charming town in the southwest of Dominican Republic, in Barahona province - around 50 km southwest of Barahona. Enriquillo is one of my favorite places in Dominican Republic. I lived there for almost 2 months. There are not so many things to spend money on in Enriquillo. There is no imported wine 😉 (you can buy it though by going to supermarket in Barahona...only 50 kms 😉 ) and there are no other imported food products..There are also no bars with hookers like in Sosua and actually there are almost no tourists in Enriquillo, what makes it somehow hidden jewel of Dominican Republic.
So, actually what is so nice in Enriquillo ? It's [...read more, 80 % of content inside...]
In the hotel where I stayed I had some beautiful view from its roof - palm trees, waving along with the breeze from the sea and some 100 metres behind those trees - beautiful Carribean Sea...
Daily life in Enriquillo and daily views - Paradise ?

From my diary:

"Imagine beautiful, small and charming town located just on the coast. Far away from modern civilisation. Now imagine hotel for  [...read more, 90 % of content inside...].."
So this is how my life in Enriquillo looked like.
Enriquillo is located totally deep in dominican interior/ province. And it has advantages and disadvantages. You already met pros of it (its beauty, its calm, its cheapness).

Enriquillo Dominican Republic electricity problems

Constant problems with electricity in Enriquillo. Enriquillo and its usualy weekly view - fixing the eletric poles. Now the question is: how the heck can you fix something every week and not fix it all ? Ask the local techicians 😉

Now, how about the cons ? Well - there is one and big and classical dominican one - [...read more, 70 % of content inside...]

CHEAP hotels in Enriquillo:

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enriquillo dominican republic

One of the hotels in Enriquillo

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Things worth to see /do in Enriquillo / Best of Enriquillo
Enriquillo is located in beautiful landscape, so beautiful that you may easily mistake it with Paradise. Beautiful beaches and all that surrounded by mountains. There is also "natural" swimming pool near it, made from [...read more, 60 % of content inside...]

enriquillo italian pizzeria

If you know cooking Italian in DR - you know for sure that he cooks good stuff 😉

Getting into Enriquillo / Roads Info

The only leading road to Enriquillo - road number 44 is in decent condition. It is also REALLY picturesque road, probably one of the most beautiful roads in Dominican Republic.....

road Enriquillo - Paraiso

Road nr 44 - Just drive and enjoy 😉 !

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