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General atmosphere / feeling of the place

Oviedo is a small town in the dominican southwest, around 20 km south of Enriquillo. There is a lake in Oviedo - that is also called Oviedo - Laguna de Oviedo. Lake is located in local National Park, and it is the only attraction of this small town.

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Oviedo Dominican Republic

Salty lake Oviedo, located under the sea level. The home for iguanas and other reptiles and such kind of animales....

Things worth to see/ do in Oviedo / Best of Oviedo

The only attraction of Oviedo is salty lake - Laguna Oviedo.

From my diary:

"So I came today to see Oviedo and its lake. It was (lake) connected before - in prehistoric times  with Carribean Sea, and today it is a house for iguanas - there are hundreds or even 1000's of them here. To enter the lake from the National Park you have to pay 100 pesos.
Laguna Oviedo is [...read more...]"

Oviedo Dominican Republic

Laguna Oviedo - the other picture 😉

Getting into Oviedo / Roads Info

Oviedo is located on the road Barahona - Pedernales and the road is in good condition.

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