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Juancho is a dominican town located in Barahona province near Enriquillo. It calls itself as "city of god", but please do not confuse it with the brazilian movie witth the same title - here in Juancho, it is perfectly safe.

There are also BIG windmills generators that are supposed to provide electricity to the nearest dominican towns. However - when I was living in Enriquillo (15 km from Juancho), the situation with power outages was just tragic - like for 10 hours a day there was no electricity....Anyway, maybe the dominican engineers still work on the efficient way of transporting that energy, created by windmills to the nearest towns...Maybe....:-)

juancho dominican republic

It is the city of God - let's not forget about it....

So the said windmills stand like gigantic monsters, each one of the height of the big building(s) and the power of few MegaWatts...

Juancho Dominican RepublicJuanchos and its big machinery....

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