How to get in & What to take with you

How to get into Dominican Republic - cheap airline tickets

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There are few cheap, low budget air lines flying to DR either from Europe or USA. These are, i.e: JetAirFly, FlyThomasCook, Airberlin, PulmanturAir, Condor, Delta. Best way to find cheap air tickets is [ more..]

As for now (2015), with good planning you may flight to DR from Europe for around 250 euros one way. For the similiar amount you may find round flight from US to DR....So it is cheap.

There is one thing worth to remember though - sometimes tickets are EXPENSIVE. It usually happens during Christmas, Easter, holidays season (especially august) and few other dates. It is not uncommon that during these periods tickets are 2-3 times more expensive than usual.

What to take with you to Dominican Republic

I always pack myself with one simple rule on my mind - the less is the best. The more you will pack, the more your back will hurt and the more immobile you will be...That's why I took only one 10 kg backpack with me when I came to DR for the first time (for one year !). It was good and basic "minimum" of the things that I should take with me: just some clothes, laptop, one sandals and one pair of shoes and that's all ;-). Later I noticed that this rule - "the less you will pack, the happier your stay will be" it is not exactly always TOTALLY TRUTH when we talk about Dominican Republic. The problem is, that [ more, 80 % of content inside...] you know what to take with you before coming to DR...And there is also other thing that you dont have to pack in your backpack or suitcase - and it is sense of humour. Believe me or not - you will need it here !

So come in and have fun 😉

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