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General atmosphere/ feeling of the place
Sosua is a dominican town located on northern coast of Dominican Republic. It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole country. The tourists that come here usually do it individually - not like in Punta Cana, where they just buy 2 weeks all inclusive holidays...
So Sosua is a popular destination, and because of that [ more, 70 % of content inside...]
In my opinion, around 50 % of the men who come to Sosua, do that for one reason: prostitutes. Every weekend there are dozens of [ more, 70 % of content inside...]
Well, there are also other reasons to come to Sosua: beaches. There are two of them. One - commercialized, with lot of shops, bars and cafes and another one - without commercial character.
While Sosua is still kind of sex tourism center in Dominican Republic, local authorities [ more, 70 % of content inside...]

So yeah, Sosua changed a little. I was there recently in 2015 and [ more...]

Sosua, Dominican Republic

I'm in Sosua, beach !

So my love for Cabarete and disgust for Sosua were changing with time. Later I discovered that Sosua is actually [ more, 70 % of content inside...]

I am comparing these two places because they are definetely most popular destinations on the Northern Coast of DR (if you exclude Samana from it). And let's be honest - both are kind of tourist ghettos. Why I call them tourist ghettos ? Because, the people who usually come here [ more, 75 % of content inside...]

sosua, jewish museumSosua and its historical roots - Jewish settlers from the first part of XX century. In picture: Jewish museum in Sosua.

So I will say that once again - Sosua is a center of sex tourism on the northern coast of DR. Something like [ more, 70 % of content inside...]

The girls - prostitutes here (as in whole Dominican Republic) always work for themselves. They dont have a pimps and can be sure that 100 % of what they earn will land in their pockets...If you want to read more about prostitution in Dominican Republic - this problem is well described HERE.

sosua - centre of the cityCenter of the Sosua - during they day - developed and nice dominican tourist town, during the night - Sodoma and Gomorra 😉

It is also good to know about one thing. If you plan to spend your holidays in Sosua, be wary that main street - Pedro Clisante and its area is REALLY NOISY during the night. I remember that one friend was renting there apartament for like 600 $/ month and he never couldnt sleep before 2 am, as the bars downstairs were so noisy...

CHEAP hotels in Sosua/ Where to sleep

Sosua is one of the most popular destinations in whole Dominican Republic and most of its sleeping places are for the people who have money and see no problem with paying like 1000 pesos for one night stand in some hotel....So it is not so easy to find cheaper hotels in Sosua , ESPECIALLY during high season (which is: from January to March).
So if you come to Sosua as individual tourist in the high season, it may be difficult to find something cheap accomodation here. The best solution here is to [ more, 70 % of content inside...]
I'm pretty sure however that if you will look throughly, you may find some cheap and decent place to stay under 12-15 USD/ night. When I asked some "Working girls" in Sosua where do they live here actually they've been always saying to me that they stay in some kind of [ more, 70 % of content inside...]

Some cheap places in Sosua:

1. Hotel [ more...]

2. Palm [ more...]

3. Hotel [ more...]

3. Rooms for rent for around [ more...]

Some apartments for rent for whole month for around 15,000 pesos/ month : [ more...]

Things worth to see / do in Sosua / Best of Sosua

What could be most interesting in Sosua for a single man visiting this coastal town ? The answer can be easy: the girls, the massage parlors and the bars (with girls of course). And what could be interesting for all the rest of the crowd, like families, couples , etc. ?
Well, generally speaking - everyone may enjoy excellent [ more, 65 % of content inside...]


One of the two beaches in Sosua. In picture: This is the commercialized beach, with bars, cafes and vendors....

Getting into Sosua / Roads Info
Sosua is located on the express road no 5. The road is usually in good condition, is always busy though (especially in the area of Sosua, Cabarete and Puerto Plata). Watch out also for AMET here ! Dont give them any reason to stop you while driving,wear helmet and be nice 😉

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