Once again in Santiago and Monte Cristi

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I left Maimon after some days spent there. Next stops in my tournee ? Santiago and Monte Cristi...First - Santiago.
So I stay once again in my favorite hotel in Santiago. Too bad that this specific time, there is one unpleasant surprise waiting for me in room number 30. COCKROACHES.Many of them, as it turns out later. The thing with cockroaches is that they once you see one of them - you will have 2 ot its "friends" visiting you next day..and 4 more the next day and so on. Unless this is of course some accidental cockroach that just went through your window or something like that. But these were not....
So the first day i see one cockroach around 11 pm in my bathroom. I kill it and go to bed.
The next day - I see two of them, and also kill them in the night.
The third day - there are four of them. Some escape and some were killed by me. But I dont sleep well that night. Especially, if I got woken up by cockroaches walking on my bed and on my face...AGHHH...
So the fourth day I finally change the room, for the one upstairs and at the different side of the hotel. It helps. From that time I sleep well...But I will never forget those cockroaches walking on my face and bed at 3 am...So I tell about it the hotel's staff. They promise that they will make "cleaning" with chemicals very soon. Well, I hope so. This place requires it.

cheap hotel roof in SantiagoSalvador Dali was Dominican ! I have no idea why someone put that toilet on the hotel roof...But it wasnt functioning anyway

And the lonely cat downstairs ? He is just delighted as he can hunt for the cockroaches whole day and night...But I'm not the cat....

Few days later

I'm going to Monte Cristi once again. Hot as hell, but the road is great. From Navarete to Monte Cristi you can just drive as fast as you can...So I drive..90km/h. Stops every 40 kilometres. After few hours I'm in Monte Cristi once again. "Hello C. how are you doing ? Nice to you see back. man...Yes, I will stay in your hotel once again..I like it here"
And the next weeks in Monte Cristi ? Cheap hotel, fish, wine and weed. And one nice beach..And Sunny weather. Why would I need more ? 😉

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